Transition (age 14-21)


“The transition from high school into the world of adulthood is an exciting milestone for all young people. ere are so many possibilities to explore
as students dream and plan for their future. Across the country youth
with disabilities often face challenges when seeking employment and living independently after high school. e Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires that schools provide transition services as one way to improve these outcomes for students with disabilities.

Maine youth with disabilities who are provided special education services will receive transition services no later than ninth grade or at age 16, whichever happens rst. Transition services are provided by the school in collaboration with the young person, family, and appropriate community services. ey are designed to help students achieve success in school, identify their personal goals, and prepare them for life after high school.”  – High School & Beyond, A Guide to Transition Services in Maine

Below you’ll find just a few resources to help you in the Transition Process.

Adult Developmental Services Intake and Eligibility Guide

A Guide to Transition Services in Maine

Adult Guardianship/Conservatorship: Q&A

Supported Decision Making Information

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