More Resources

Dealing with Comments – This article shares a letter about how to invite friends to use kind words and avoid hurtful language about people with Down syndrome. In addition, it provides insight from experienced parents about the comments that bothered them along the journey and how they responded.

Learning to Teach Baby – This article reviews the different resources available at Down Syndrome Education International to help you understand what to expect at various stages and how to encourage the different areas of development for your child.
Organization and Preparedness – This article describes different organizational strategies parents use to keep track of the medical information for their child with Down syndrome.
Single Ladies – This article shares the experiences of moms who are single parents.
Twins – This article specifically shares resources and parent/sibling perspectives about having a twin or twins with Down syndrome.
Working Moms – This article talks about different ways working moms coordinate their schedules and child care to make it possible to be a parent and also work.
Financial Planning and Special Needs Trusts

This article shares advice for preparing financially for the birth of a baby with Down syndrome.